Sound Table - produced by Peter Kaehler this sound healing album is the perfect mix of sound table music including relaxing, uplifting and healing orchestrations. Designed specifically for Vibrational Healing and Sound Therapy. Includes a combination of beautiful spiritually inspired melodies and musical journey's to facilitate and enhance your sound healing sessions.
Steve Halpern's reputation as a sound healer is legendary. On his signature album, CHAKRA SUITE, Steve Halpern utilizes pure electric piano tones, chimes, synthesizer overtones and, on one track, Tibetan singing bowls to create a pure sonic background for healing. Each of the first seven selections is built around a single keynote, which corresponds to a different chakra or energy center in the body.
Peter Galastar
Galastar - Sound Therapy This CD is best experienced as a journey, set your intention, open the heart, and allow the mind, body, and spirit to experience the waves of awakening. A beautiful composition of music and natural sounds arranged to expand consciousness, bring awareness to source and enhance the experience of essence, and connection to life.
Sounds in health studies are showing the powerful benefits of sound energy on our health and wellbeing.  Sound in healing has been used in numerous forms, by cultures throughout history and is a natural and essential component of healing rituals. Vibrational Sound Healing using precise frequencies has demonstrated positive results and is used by many professionals and practitioners to help work with healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Sound has the power to heal!  Like almost everything we experience sound is a form of energy. Modern science has proven that we are experiencing reality through various forms of energy.

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