If you're looking for an non invasive and graceful way to heal the emotional, physical and holistic self, experience a deeper sense of purpose, less anxiety and reduce struggle from your life, come give our holistic healing approach a try. We offer Holistic Healing, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing and a variety of other modalities. Our holistic practitioners come from diverse backgrounds with many years of experience and education in the fields of holistic health and energetic sciences. Our intent is to offer a peaceful sanctuary, where you can refresh your mind body and spirit. Come and nourish your body with sound healing and energy healing therapies. Enjoy a reiki healing session, chakra balancing with sound or energy healing, aromatherapy session, or work with a BHS practioner.

Peter Kaehler BHS, CMT, Energy Healer, Sound Healer
A graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an acomplished intuitive healer and sound healer. Peter offers a integrative approach towards holistic health that is designed to work with each individual’s personal needs. Peter has over 14 yrs of study in various healing modalities, dreamwork, personal growth and transformation, sound healing therapy, and Brennan Healing Sciences.


Sound Therapy is not just the medicine of the future; it is the medicine of today.

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Music is Love, expressed as much more than that which can only be said. It is the every sound of feelings.

Our Sound Tables, Sound Pillows and Sound Therapy systems are available for your home, office, massage practice or care center.

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